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Dividing Line Kennel is located in Northeastern North Carolina, close to the Va./N.C line and the Great Dismal Swamp. We hunt and raise mountain curs and treeing curs. Developed in the south, these dogs have been used for many generations to hunt squirrels, raccoon, bobcat, bear, and to handle livestock and to watch over the homestead. My dogs must be able to handle the rough swamps around here, as well as the hills of central and western N.C. and Va.

My goal is to produce a line of dogs with intelligence, good health, even temperament, and of course ability and drive. I believe if the dog doesn't have a good foundation of brains and health it will never be able to perform at it's highest potential.

My dogs are a larger cur, usually falling in the 45-60 lb. range for females, 55-75 lb. for males. I also have a line of smaller treeing "fice" that are nice little dogs. I don't competition hunt, or breed for looks, I want a dog that lives to hunt, is a pleasure to hunt, and a pleasure to have around the house.

Thanks for checking out my site, for more information or to just talk dogs my number is 252-435-5051.

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